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600 E Jericho Tpke
Huntington, NY  11746 |
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600 E Jericho Tpke
Huntington, NY 11746
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This place is great!!! I was in search of a particular used vehicle, the CL550 mercedes. Went to a few places that had one, the car either looked like crap or had waaaaay too many miles. I remembered these guys from a phonecall a while back. so i decided to call. To my surprise, they took their time, searched countless auctions with me, until I found the exact car I wanted. I cant commend them enough for their, patience, professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile. Again this place was a diamond in the ruff. If you need a Great car dealer, with a great bunch of guys and a great finance department, fair in their dealings, I never once felt like I was dealing with a bunch of crooks looking to pull a fast one, Definitely DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL M & A MOTORS. You'll be glad you did. Thanks again guys!!!


They were all gentlemen and took care of any concerns I may have had. There were some minor issues that needed to me repaired were done immediately and without any scrutiny. I love my truck and I love the painless process of this team. If you want a no hassle dealership, this is the place to go.


These guys are the real deal.. They are great and care about what you want and how to get you in your new car. They work hard and are straight forward with you. Rick was great and did everything to help me out of a bad situation. Thank you everyone for all your help..


Medi, John & Bob are awesome!!! Not only do they care for you as a VALUED CUSTOMER, but they take their time with you to make sure they provide you with what you are looking for. My experience with M & A Motors has been by far the best experience ever!!! I have purchased cars from all over NEW and PRE-OWNED and with that said I will always go back to M & A Motors!!! My friend purchased a 2007 BMW 750i from M & A Motors, he knew I was in the marked for a Mercedes Benz S550, he called me and told me to come by to see the benz they had in stock. At that time I was not really ready to purchase a car but when I went to M & A Motors and saw the car I was like wow... Long story short they all worked out a deal I could not walk away from. So here I am today with a 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 4Matic with only 58k miles, clean inside out, one owner AND.... with an extended warranty!!! So how could I have walk away from that one! I definitely recommend them... Thank you!!!

Class Act

I bought a pristine 2007 Ford F150 From M&A Motors.The price was very fair and the sale was very easy. I went there to buy a Toyota Tundra , I looked at it a couple of times before I saw the Ford and changed my mind. John and Medi were very professional and patient with my indecisiveness . I did a lot of research before the purchased and can tell you M&A Motors was very honest with everything, I can't say that for the other dealers I went to. PS The F150 is great !


These guys are the best and they are so professionals in their work. defiantly i buy the next cars from them.

Where Business is Always Personal

Since 1993 I have purchased 7 cars from M & A Motors. I believe that number speaks for itself. However, with Medi, Mike, Kivi or John, business is never just business, it’s “personal” and it is this factor that sets them apart from any other car dealership. - Alexander Sagredo

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